Saturday, February 25, 2012

On Faries Wings

"Each fairy breath of summer, as it blows with loveliness, inspires the blushing rose."-author unknown

It's not often my daughter will sit for photos so I'm absolutly delighted with how these turned out. I haven't used photoshop for such a long time it felt great to spend some time being creative. Thank you to my eldest daughter for finding me the fairy quotes, to for the fairy wings and pixie brushes, and to for the Beautiful Dreams font.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Timeless Tuesday

♥ Happy Valentines Day for last week ♥
I realized after I put the kids to bed last Tuesday, that it was the first time since Thomas was born that I didn't do a Valentines Day photo shoot, it made me a little sad (it still does) but I think my kids are a bit beyond the stage of me being able to pull them out of bed in their sleep and pose them for a shoot like I used to do with Thomas when he was little :)  And it's my own fault for AGAIN not being organised :/

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miss Kayla

Miss Kayla came to visit me for a proper photoshoot in November, when she was 8weeks old. Now I'll be quite honest, I tend to struggle a bit with this age group, they're beyond that lovely sleepy poseable newborn stage, but not yet at that stage of being able to support themselves much, but at the same time are quite good at wiggling, so we have to find safe creative ways to support them that they wont wriggle out of. She was nice enough to go to sleep long enough for us to get a few sleepy shots in her Great Grandmothers 70+ year old dolls pram.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Master Declan Turns One

There are now two Declans in my family, this little guy is my great nephew AND he was born on my birthday :) I wasn't here for his actual 1st birthday, as I was away at the beach with my own family celebrating my 40th, but he came to visit me a couple of weeks before hand (along with one of his Mummys pups that she breeds), and I made a point of being back for his party a few days later.

The newest addition to my extended family♥

The gorgeous Miss Kayla is my Great Niece, I took these at the hospital back in September when I went to meet her for the first time. We gave her the little pony in the second picture at her baby shower before she was born, her mum packed it and took it to the hospital with her :) I'll be adding some more photo's of Miss Kayla later.

Should I just give up??

I'm not very good at this whole blogging thing am I? :/ There just never seems to be enough hours in the day for everything, and even when I do sit down here, I'm often so tired I end up just twiddling my thumbs doing not much at all other than check out facebook, and those times when I do sit down to do something constructive the kids usually do their best to distract me. I don't do much in the way of shoots these days other than a few for close family. I haven't even done a proper shoot with my own kids for a long time. Most times I get the camera out they do their best to avoid it, even my now almost 2yo has become acustomed from going from an all out gorgeous grin, to a ferral goan of dislike and moves as quick as she can :( I'd love to do more outside work, especially newborns, but I'm just so unorganised and don't advertise since I'm not really running a business, and with so many other home grown photographers popping up (with real businesses) the market has thinned out over the past year, even people who had made tentative bookings with me, have gone elsewhere instead, which has me questioning my skills and thus beginning to loose what little confidence I had gained this time last year, after all can you really call yourself a photographer when your still shooting with a 4+ year old entry level DSLR, when others are shooting with much higher quality cameras, and these days your adverage family camera is a bottom of the range DSLR, which are probably better quality than what I'm using simply due to age. Does it really matter what the quality of the camera is, or is it what you do with it that matters? I've been told that it doesn't, but I'm not so sure when I find some of my 100ISO photos coming out full of noise (and don't even think of going over 400) while some good quality cameras these days can take photos in the 1000's range without even a fraction of the noise my photos have at 400. Well duty calls, the day is moving forward but my house isn't getting cleaner while I'm sitting here, and I do believe I just spied my two littlest sharing a packet of biscuits for breakfast. I'll make it a priority on my to do list to get back on here sometime soon and update with some photos from the past 5 months or so.