Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

This week a lady contacted me to ask if I could take photos of her two month old son, and asked if I'd photographed many little boys in that age group. After thinking about it for a while I realized that the only little boy I've ever photographed at that age was my own little man, and even that was back before I started trying to get creative. So this morning I went back through my albums from back then to see what I had there to play with, and this is what I came up with. Mind you I think my little man was smaller at 2 months of age, than what the little man I've been asked to photograph was at birth :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Timeless Tuesday

I've decided that since I'm so slack at putting up new photo's on a regular basis, that I will try to regularly post some of my earlier photo's so that my posts aren't so few and far between, and also hopefully influence myself to edit some of them and get them printed for my folio. My plan is to have 'Timeless Tuesday' and 'Flash Back Friday' where I will post at least one photo of the past. I'll start off by posting one of my all time fav' pics, it's of my son Thomas, taken when he was 3 month old. I have this photo on my wall printed in colour, but I was just going through some folders and found this one that I'd converted to Black and White and added the borders. He was OH SO TINY compared to the two little Princes that came to visit yesterday ♥

♥Two Princes and a Princess ♥

This gorgeous little Princess and her Mummy came to visit me yesterday to get her photo's taken, it's the first time I've ever taken photos for someone who isn't either family or close friend. I was quite nervous and very unorganised and extremly unsure of myself, especially since it was my first time using the 50mm f2 on someone other than my own kids, but we managed to get some gorgeous photos that I hope her Mummy will love, and I also got the chance to snap a few shots of my two handsome nephews who came along for the day too ♥

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Lenses at Last :D

Ever since I bought my DSLR in late 2007, the 50mm f2 macro lens has been on the top of my wish list, but with a price tag of over $800 here in Australia, and the AU$ being quite low for a long time, it wasn't going to become a reality any time soon. I started saving and had plans of making my purchase some time in the later part of 2009, however just as I was making plans to make my purchase I found out I was pregnant again, so once again the lens went on the back burner, as a new car was now top priority if we were going to be able to go any where as family of 6. Finally in late 2010 we finished paying off our car and I was able to set my sights on getting my lens once again, and for once things went in my favour, the AU$ soared higher than the US$ and I was able to import not just one, but two of the lenses on my wish list, for what it would have cost me for just the one lens had I bought localy. I placed my order with B&H Photo Video in NY, USA, early Friday morning, and had them in my hands first thing Tuesday morning, who can ask for better service than that! Even stuff I buy localy over the internet usually takes longer than that to arrive. I haven't had a realy serious play yet but here's a couple of shots I took yesterday just to give them a quick test run to make sure they were in good working order after their long trip here. All 3 pics are were taken in Raw and converted to jpeg in lightroom with no editing what so ever.

Olympus Zuiko 50mm f2
Taken at f2, indoors with natural light from window.

Olympus Zuiko 70-300mm f4-5.6 
Taken at 300mm f5.6, natural light in the car. 
He'd fallen asleep in the car and was just starting to wake up.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing with Panoramas

Ok so I've been a bit slack lately, so much for having the good intention of posting something every day :/ Panoramas are something I've always wanted to learn to do properly, but never get around to doing it, but thanks to a great little free program called AutoStitch anyone can easily produce a resonably good looking panorama.
We've had a 1 in 100 year flood going on here now since mid Janurary, and the waters are now flowing into the two swamps just down the road from us. One of the Swamps, known as the Red Gum Swamp has been dry for quite some years now due to the drought, but thanks to flood waters, it is now full to the brim and starting to spill over onto the roadsides and low lying farmland. We went over late yesterday evening to take a look and I took a few quick snaps, but being so late in the day, and also being overcast, they were all quite dark and uninteresting, but I had a bit of a play in lightroom and came up with this. A bit surreal I know, but I like it :) I would be interested to know what others think, good or bad, all opinions welcome.