Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Timeless Tuesday

I've decided that since I'm so slack at putting up new photo's on a regular basis, that I will try to regularly post some of my earlier photo's so that my posts aren't so few and far between, and also hopefully influence myself to edit some of them and get them printed for my folio. My plan is to have 'Timeless Tuesday' and 'Flash Back Friday' where I will post at least one photo of the past. I'll start off by posting one of my all time fav' pics, it's of my son Thomas, taken when he was 3 month old. I have this photo on my wall printed in colour, but I was just going through some folders and found this one that I'd converted to Black and White and added the borders. He was OH SO TINY compared to the two little Princes that came to visit yesterday ♥

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