Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing with Panoramas

Ok so I've been a bit slack lately, so much for having the good intention of posting something every day :/ Panoramas are something I've always wanted to learn to do properly, but never get around to doing it, but thanks to a great little free program called AutoStitch anyone can easily produce a resonably good looking panorama.
We've had a 1 in 100 year flood going on here now since mid Janurary, and the waters are now flowing into the two swamps just down the road from us. One of the Swamps, known as the Red Gum Swamp has been dry for quite some years now due to the drought, but thanks to flood waters, it is now full to the brim and starting to spill over onto the roadsides and low lying farmland. We went over late yesterday evening to take a look and I took a few quick snaps, but being so late in the day, and also being overcast, they were all quite dark and uninteresting, but I had a bit of a play in lightroom and came up with this. A bit surreal I know, but I like it :) I would be interested to know what others think, good or bad, all opinions welcome.

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