Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Camera :)

So I was flitting about on eBay yesterday yesterday looking for some stuff my daughter needs for her Photo-imaging course, and I decided to do a quick search for the camera I would love to upgrade to but can't afford the $$$. Well wasn't I surprised to find one listed at HALF the RRP, with no bids and less than half a day to go. How could this be possible? There had to be a catch, didn't there?? First who lists a practically brand new camera with less than 5000 shutter releases for half of it's retail price, and secondly why didn't it have any bids at such a low price? I kept an eye on the auction over the next few hours mainly out of curiosity to see how much it was going to sell for, but the hours went by and still no bids. After the kids were in bed I read the auction page over and over again, looking for a reason NOT to bid, but I couldn't find one, so with half an hour to go, I decided that this was too good an opportunity to pass up, and so I decided to wait until the last minute and if no one had bid by then I would. I even went and added a credit card to Pay Pal while I was waiting, on the off chance I did get lucky, but I was still fully expecting someone else to snap it up at the last minute. But guess what?? No one else bid :) I still don't think it's fully sunk in, and I don't think it will till I actually have it in my hands and given it a thorough going over to make sure it's in perfect condition. Fingers crossed it will be in the post tomorrow and here by the end of the week :)

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